Least Expensive Around the World Airfare

Visiting all continents in the world for at least one week, including the two most populous countries in the world (both in Asia).


  1. Method
  2. Influence of travel dates, places visited
  3. By Air
  4. By Bus and Air
  5. Bus Graphic
  6. Airfare graphic
  7. An Idiot Abroad


I used Skyscanner, google flights, and Kiwi to find the best flights. I tried having both the websites string together a possible route and I put together my own route manually. The Computers route was cheaper, but I would need to travel across continents to catch flights not leave from the same place I landed, and I believe that that isn’t allowed in the scope of the course, unless I Include busfair pictures which is way too many more hours of work and would rack the cost up to have it no longer be cheaper.

Influence of Travel Dates, Places Visited

I tried leaving from both New York and Las Vegas. I tried going to south America first, tried Europe first, tried China first and more. I found leaving in April was the best time to leave. I dod the majority of my searching with April 8th as my start date, and spending one week in each location.

By Air

The least expensive airfare flying from Omaha to all continents. Stay on each continent at least one week.


Origin - Destination

Departure - Arrival Time

Flight cost $

   Visa cost




12:38-1:26 PM






2:35 PM to 1:35 PM (on 4/10) 






 3:25 Am -11:25 pm






 11:55pm-8:55 am            








 No visa needed






 No visa needed




 11-55pm-2:35 pm





LA to Bogota roundtrip

8:25pm – 5:25am


Not needed



  Bogota to La

10:34 pm -7:15am

 Part of ^




La to Omaha





   Sum $2191

Sum $288


The total cost to fly around the world, including visa costs, is   $2479

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482.91AUD= 341.57USD + $37 hotel = 378.57


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China visa

India Visa

Austraila Visa

Greece visa

Morocco visa

Colombia visa

By Air and Bus

The least expensive around the world airfare using a bus to a coastal city like New York, Los Angeles, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. The bus connection will usually be less expensive than flying. Don't say that you wouldn't take the bus because it's only $xx less expensive. The purpose of the assignment is get around the world for least expensive price.

Bus Graphic

This bus would get rid of my LA to Omaha flight, I could use this bus and a $49 ticket from vegas to Omaha to reduce the return cost from $177 to $69. 

The busses to/from LA/Vegas-Omaha aren’t cheaper than flying.

Airfare Graphic

Use the print screen button on the keyboard to capture the entire itinerary. Then, open a picture editing program and select Paste. Crop to fit and save.

An Idiot Abroad

Comment on two episodes of this series: 1) In the Great Wall episode, the main character talks about a toad in a well. What is the point of this story?

The toad in a well and all he can see is one tiny view of the word. He has a minimal perspective because of where he is. The point of this story is that staying in one place you see and know so little. We as humans must get out and travel for bigger perspective, better understanding. He says, “If you get out of the well to see the world it makes you a better person.” Which is funny because he doesn’t believe it at this point, it’s more mockery, but he does more as the show goes on and I would say he grows to really enjoy it he just still complains for the camera. He is the toad in the analogy. HE’s lived his whole life in the UK his “well” and now he is leaving the well to see more of the “sky,” to experience more than he could by staking in UK.

 2) Comment on some of the lodging presented to the main character in his trip to India.

The lodging in India at the beginning was awful. No beds just sleeping wherever, with 5 or 6 other people. They didn’t even have bathrooms. Then when he got to his hotel, he wasn’t much better. There was no actual toilet just a hole in the ground to squat over, there is no toilet paper, and no door. He said that it is going to be hard for him to poop like that and I understand completely, it would be hard to feel comfortable like that, let alone hold a squat as long as you’d need to. 

Submitted by Taylor Kocina on 3/26/2019.